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Dominic Rai - Highlights of LDN visit

Inspirational day last Saturday in London recording the first Salt of the Sarkar podcast with Alastair Niven at his home near the Oval.  

The 9 weekly podcasts start 26th September 2014 marking the centenary of the arrival of the Indian soldiers in port of Marseilles in 1914.

Salt of the Sarkar podcasts will be available on Sound Cloud and iTunes.

Also visited the exhibition Empire, Faith and War: The Sikhs in WW1 and met three generations of the Bancil family and met a descendant of Family Letters (family of British officers serving in India when war broke in 1914)

Visiting Memorial Galtes London and meeting Baroness Flather who campaigned for this memorial. Our grateful thanks for the Baroness’ support and time for this interview. Thanks to Chris Perry for all photos of the day:

Salt of the Sarkar is our WW1 project 2014 - 2018: @saltsarkar  

Gluten free Thali at Cardiff’s Vegetarian Food Studio 

The Vegetarian Food Studio is a family run restaurant catering for vegan and vegetarian, and is a great experience for meat eaters like myself.

The restaurant specialises in the Thali, a steel plate on which food is served in India. A Thali meal is tasty and balanced comprising a starter, main and sweet. 

On a recent visit with two friends one had an nut allergy and once we told the waiter he advised us ’no problem, we can do glutton free as well’.
I chose the glutton free one, the bread came made from chickpea rather then wheat flour, i asked for tamarind sauce to add to the flavours.

For those not used to spicy flavours order the the delicious sweet mango lassi drink with your food.

The Vegetarian Food Studio is a great place to sample authentic Gujarati and South Indian cuisine. 

Part of the charm for me is the decor with images of Hindu mystics and gods and the colourful deli for takeaway. 

The restaurant has moved a few doors from the original site and is now with more space. Prices have remained the same, a thali for under £10.

For a meat Thali (Panjabi & North Indian) try Bristol’s ‘Thali’ Cafe  

Vegetarian Food Studio Cardiff

Thali Cafe Bristol

'Peoples Palace' described by Dutch architect Francine Houben 

The new Central Library, Birmingham 

During recent visit to Birmingham John MacLacken showed me Moseley Bog the inspiration for Tolkien’s The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings Trilogy..

Street Cat Befriends Man 

Stories of Partition 3rd June 2013